Data Entry India BPO provides highly reliable cad conversion services. Our completed output can be edited by you for modification. We deal with both hand drawn CAD drafts as well as scanned drafts.

CAD Conversion Services

CAD Conversion services offered from Data Entry India BPO:-

  • Scan to cad conversion
  • Architectural AutoCAD drafting and designing
  • Architectural renderings and walk through
  • 2D and 3D modeling & conversion to CA
  • AutoCAD conversion to/from drawings
  • DGN conversion
  • Legacy Drawing Conversion
  • Multilayer Cad conversion
  • AutoCAD digitization
  • CAD to GIS
  • GIS to CAD
  • Paper to CAD
  • CAD to Microstation or DXF formats
  • MCD to DWG Conversion
  • PDF to DGN Conversion
  • PDF to CAD Conversion
  • TIF to DOC Conversion
  • CAD drafting
  • CAD drawing
  • Raster to Vector
  • MEP services
  • DTP and graphic services
  • CAD Conversion to different formats
  • Blueprints to CAD Conversion
  • Pictures/Renderings to CAD
  • Microfilm to CAD
  • Our services are highly recommended for those businesses who fall under different streams of engineering such as architectural, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical engineering, product fabrication, contractors, power and energy utility providers(gas, water, electricity etc), aerospace, ship building, automotive etc and for conversion of utility plans, site & subdivision plans and parcel maps. Our drawings and CAD conversion covers your floor plans, electrical layouts, architectural and structural sheets, detail sheets etc and a lot more.

    We handle information from both paper drawings to electronic media in the form of drawings and preparation, handled by using specific software that can be used for rather accurate and enhanced drawing techniques opening up a wide variety of options that are limited on paper. We provide both conversions to/from CAD to Geographic Information System (GIS) for mapping of geographical coordinates with the aid of computer applications.

    According to your specifications, emphasis for various elements in data is given such as title block, scale, layers, text, hatching, viewports, xrefs, z-values, polygon layers, attributed blocks, etc. We accept field notes that need to be integrated into the particular CAD file. Data from separate sheets can be fused into one CAD file with overlays. As per your requirements we also support data publishing of your CAD files onto websites to reach the larger market mainly potential clients, vendors or for information exchange among companies or colleagues.

    You can rely on us for your CAD conversions to be interpreted accurately and of the best quality. The final output is actually an enhanced version of your source file along with extra information that is incorporated as requested by you. Since accuracy is of prime importance, keen focus is given to maintain the expected level of quality of layer information, hatch patterns, title blocks, associative dimensions, symbols, editable text and editable line types. All final drafts are easily editable simply because they are created with reference to source copy or raster based drawings.

    We can convert your files after drafting into practically any format of your choice. They mainly handle your data for conversion, vector zing and digitizing out dated source output. The most sensitive task, in terms of both cost and complexity, is converting drawings and maps accurately while keeping a sharp eye at dimensions, bearings, coordinates and other key factors so as to provide a newer updated CAD model output. All this is possible only with a dedicated staff and high tech tools for application. Final checks are made post conversion for both quality and authenticity. We ensure your project needs will be fulfilled with an accuracy of close to a 100% while maintaining global quality standards. Our services are offered at the most competitive prices in the market with savings of up to 60% Submissions are done in a short turnaround time.

Please contact us or send your Service requirements at [email protected] to avail service of unsurpassed quality at very lucrative prices.