Data Entry India BPO is a multifaceted Data entry service provider in India. They are equipped with a broad knowledge and experience in using MS Access for database formation, control and operating modus operandi. Microsoft Access is a very effective tool that can be used to enter data directly into tables in a database. MS Access offers a higher rate of accuracy and tasks can be interpreted and implemented with ease.

MS Access Data Entry

Simply looking into data input and typing into the database has proved to be time consuming. To achieve best required result we conduct extensive training sessions continually in MS Access and similar technologies so that our resources are kept up to date with respect to the improvements in technology.

MS Access Data Entry Services offered by us

  • Databases Structure Creation and Optimization
  • Create new records in the databases
  • Update existing records in the databases by verifying against source
  • Manual typing of data into databases from several input sources
  • Formatting database for optimization and standardization
  • Create relationship between databases
  • Data verification against input resources
  • Mail merging services
  • Mail merging services
  • Customized Access data entry
  • Form data entry and processing
  • Report generation
  • We can create database entry tables from a host of input files which you can send to us in any format spanning from paper, scanned images, .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, PDF files, Web pages etc. Our data entry team will get databases prepared on time and convert it to required formats. They with then run a quality check on it. Once it passes the quality check, it is stored and readily available for you.

    Different editions of Visual Studio .NET 2003, Visual Studio .NET 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server database servers are available at DataEntryIndiaBPO

    The Process Followed at DataEntryIndiaBPO:

  • Initially, a clear understanding of the requirements is done through discussions between the clients and the project manager.
  • On the basis of this discussion, a clear requirements specification is drafted and sent to the client for approval
  • Once the client approves the specification, the database management schema is set. The source files are obtained from the client.
  • The data entry team is briefed regarding the requirements.
  • The team works on the task under the strict supervision of the project manager
  • All stakeholders involved are updated regarding the progress of the work on a regular basis.
  • The review of the task is done to check or accuracy and quality
  • Project is uploaded through FTP and made available to the client
  • The review process

    We will review input files and recommend use of Double data entry or tripled data entry. Double or triple data entry is performed to enhance accuracy in a situation when source input documents are unclear or from poorly scanned images, handwritten documents etc

    Outsource your MS Access data entry requirements to us and enjoy:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality services
  • Data security and integrity
  • Flexible service
  • Round the clock technical support

Please contact us or send your Service requirements at [email protected] to avail service of unsurpassed quality at very lucrative prices.