Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is a markup language highly used for conception, storage and transfer of large quantities of data through different mediums adopted by a number of large organizations. SGML facilitates a more detailed and effective manner to deal with voluminous data that needs to be altered ay any point and also assists for establishing a relationship between various elements from source data. Internet has turned out to be a market by itself. This calls for all companies to use highly advanced systems from transcribing data effectively onto the web. After SGML conversion is carried out, data is transferred to the internet or used to carry out printing tasks.

SGML Conversion Services

Our SGML Data Conversion Services:-

  • SGML to data in the form of manuscripts mainly pertaining to technical data for documentation
  • SGML Conversions to Pagination processes; may it be in the form of electronic or printed data
  • SGML to data used for scientific purposes that may or may not exist in the form of graphical evaluation data or equations used for calculation, establishing relationships and interpretation
  • SGML to HTML for Web publishing on the internet
  • SGML to Digital Data Storage Media publishing
  • SGML conversion for content publishing on the internet or for printing in the form of CD/DVD
  • SGML Conversion from textual formats(TXT)
  • Conversion of files/data that exist in the printed form to SGML
  • Conversion services from SGML to MS Excel format
  • Conversion services from SGML to Adobe PDF format
  • Conversion services from SGML to MS Word format
  • Conversion services from SGML to XML or HTML (XHTML)
  • SGML Data Conversion for knowledge based data such as dictionaries, encyclopedia
  • Conversion of Microfiche or microfilm archival formats to SGML
  • Conversion services from Quark files to SGML
  • Conversion services from In Design files to SGML
  • Analysis of data for DTD/Schema design development and alteration
  • SGML related Consultation services provided
  • Development of XSLT or XSL-FO
  • Scanning and Manipulation of graphic data
  • Apart from the services listed above we offer a host of other services. Please do approach us with your requirements as we can establish effective solutions for your SGML conversion needs.

    At Data Entry India BPO, we deal with a variety of SGML conversion services of that which exists in varied formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, TXT and languages such as HTML, XML which can exist in either structured or non structured nature. Conversion is not only restricted to above formats and mark up languages; we can use your documents or data contained in the form of paper such as books, manuscripts, catalogue, any type of business document, manuals, legal documents, brochures, articles from magazines or even images( .jpeg/Exif, .tiff, PNG, .gif, BMP) and microfiche data. SGML is converted in such a way that they may function on multiple platforms. Our services are a must for organizations that have laborious information & management tasks functioning as web publishers, huge organizations, law firms, government agencies, publishers, online data & information service providers.

    Unlike HTML and XML, the SGML language uses content tagging features, such as DATATAG, OMITTAG, RANKS, SHORTTAG, SUBDOC, CONCUR etc. Such tags are the key benefit of SGML and they need to be implemented carefully because if the language is coded vaguely, all critical features and strengths will not be available. This is rather wasteful since the main focus of SGML is to be structure specific, precise, effective and mainly to open up a wide range of options not available elsewhere. Therefore it is a wise decision to outsource such tasks to BPO's such as Data Entry India BPO who have wide expertise ranging over decades and abundant resources to complete your task at hand effectively resourcefully within a short TAT. We have devised custom software that is available to our customer that can be configured specifically to suit to their requirements.

    We have access to cutting edge tools and software updated on a periodic basis and a large infrastructure with a considerably large workforce qualified, skilled and trained on customized methodologies constructed in-house to focus and assist on your SGML conversion assignments. We can carry out structured coding to multiple languages such as SGML, XML, HTML, XHTML, XML, XLS etc in the least possible time while acutely focusing on authenticity and quality.

    Process of constructing an SGML document system requires the need to follow a number of set procedures:-

  • Extensive analysis of data and information provided to suit the exact needs of our client
  • Stages of development of DTD (Document Type Definitions) /Schema
  • Establish a set pattern of procedures and specifications to be implemented for conversion
  • Installation of customized SGML conversion tools developed in-house based on specifications set
  • Validation, Proofing and audits carried out using QC software to test for accuracy, authenticity and quality
  • Coding, Tagging and Marking
  • Advantages of Outsourcing SGML Conversion Services to DataEntryIndiaBPO

  • Our services are specifically customizable on request based on analysis
  • Access to our rigid workforce to complete your project in the least possible time, We have employed a huge taskforce to deal with your massive amounts of work that needs to be completed
  • Latest in technological tools and software paired with custom methodologies developed in-house over experience
  • Absolute guarantee for data security and data integrity during and after conversion process
  • Top quality services offered in a very short turnaround time assuring 99.995% accuracy at very affordable prices
  • Proof checking, validation and methods of auditing and unremitting quality checks carried out to uphold quality control
  • Periodic reporting and daily progress conveyed by means of conference calls, e-mails etc.
  • We can provide customized software designed by our R&D division

Please contact us or send your Service requirements at [email protected] to avail service of unsurpassed quality at very lucrative prices.