XML is a technology that acts as a best means for data communication. It brings about a higher rate of cross function ability between different platforms. Xml data can be easily blended with the data structure allowing the database to read clearly and thoroughly. It involves mass data capture and provides a smooth flow of data transmission across different platforms in a predefined format such as HTML5, CSS, XHTML and CSS 3.0. It is a technology aided solution meant to boost sales across multiple industries.

XML Data Entry

XML is a complex script that allows users to define, store and relay their own data formats. Usually a database has pre-defined data formats such as Number, Character/Tex, Money, Decimal, Integer, Real number, Yes/No (Boolean), Date, Time. Although such a data structure has existed for quite some time now, its extensive use has been exploited only recently. XML does not function properly without the support or basic use of HTML. So, it is definite that one must be aware of how to go about working with XML. Data entry operators with knowledge of XML can provide support and assistance in asp.net or php based language application. One must carefully adhere to the rules of XML because if validation fails at any point of time, the whole XML will cease to function. Such errors can stop the complete application. So at DataEntryIndiaBPO we abide by W3C standards specification enabled XML data entry validations. XML data structure can be used to do data entry and simultaneously update the information across multiple landing pages that accept XML feeds. Apart from this, we also help with tag formation and Document Type Definition (DTD) settings which defines the structure of an XML document

We provide outsourcing XML Data Entry Services such as

  • Text files to XML/HTML Conversion
  • PDF files to XML/HTML Conversion
  • MS Word to XML/HTML Conversion
  • MS Excel to XML/HTML Conversion
  • Paper documents to XML/HTML Conversion
  • Quark to XML/HTML Conversion
  • Data extraction from web
  • MS Excel is a medium which allows rapid, organized and simple storage as well as easy retrieval. Therefore, at DataEntryindiaBPO, we convert your hard-copy documents into accurate editable text in Excel format. We also extract content from web pages and transform it to excel spreadsheet format. We provide the final output in any format including E-mail, CD-R or CD-W, or FTP upload as per your request.

    XML is specifically used in implementation and management of complex projects for clients hailing from government agencies, MNC'S, large corporations and online information provider.

    We at DataEntryIndiaBPO guarantee you

  • Timely deliveries
  • High accuracy
  • Confidentiality of conversion of structured electronic formats like XML or HTML via ftp uploads.
  • Additional services if required from our onsite developers

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